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Single and shared
accommodations in the Guest House are available at a reduced rate for those attending programs in the yurt. Please email for availability.

Wondrous Winter Offerings
in the Yurt Temple


Don McGinnis offers
a Winter Semester of Kum Nye:

a ten week series of deepening love of life through awareness of body, mind and breath.

January 10 through March 14.

Contact Don for information about the class and the early spring retreat, March 23-25, 2018.

2017 gifts we deepened our love of life through.

We are blessed to have Sarah Grace, RCST return to melt our bodies, sync our minds and uplift our Souls.

Registration is limited to 18 participants.

with program questions.

Contact to register.

Feb 24/25, 2017.


Join us February 26, 3-5pm for dances and chai.
with Laurie Steffler, and our beloved musicians –
Usha, Neil, Adam and Elvira

Heart nurturing will likely definitely occur.
No experience is necessary.  A by donation event.

Feb 26, 2017.DUPAug 30


Sacred Sound Journey
with Carol and Bodhi
Quadra Island lends us these beautiful sound healers to bring a deeper connection to our inner Self, enhancing all of life around us.

March 19, 2017

Somatic Sovereignty
Our beloved Eagle Woman Sweat lodge leader,  Ashleigh Burns introduces the island to her teacher, Penny Allport, bringing women together in a body centred format, to explore inquiry, sacred circle and dreamtime “where sensuous contact with both the grace and grit of life is deepened”.

Contact Ashleigh for program information and registration.

Contact Savita at Ram Spring Wellness for accommodations., 250-537-6200

April 14-16, 2017.


An Osho inspired meditation to unwind oneself from the grips of the the world and deepen connection to the Divine. 

~ Email for course info and registration.
~ Email Ram Spring  for discounted accommodation rates for this extended program.

April 21-May 11, 2017.


Yurt Temple History:
events from the past. 


January 1, 2017.

New Year’s in Stillness
Salt Spring Island Satsang
Sun Jan 1, 2017 ~ 730-930pm

Ram Spring Wellness Sanctuary
443 Upper Ganges Road
Everyone welcome, no registration necessary
Suggested Donation ~ $15- 20, but no one turned away for a lack of funds.
Click here for a map


December, 2016.ram-spring-dec-2016-web



October 2016talia-rose-spring-island16



Autumn, 2016.file-page1


Oct 2016.DUPAug 30

Sunday October 16, 3:30-5:30

~ by donation at the door.
~ no previous experience necessary.
~ only requirement is a desire to open your heart.



Saturday August 13, 4-7:30pm

Aug 13, 2016.



July 1-4, 201613095993_1002533983127220_4325333047394921546_n



Sunday June 26, 2016. 7pm.

June 26, 2016DUPAug 30

 Join us in sacred connection to the one heart of All.
Led by Laurie Steffler and her band of talented musicians, all local Salt Spring vibes. No experience necessary.

Suggested donation $10.



Saturday June 25, 3-9:15pm

Cultivating the Love of Stillness
Satsang & Meditation Retreat
with Greg Marian


For more info or to register please contact Savita at
at 250-537-1630 or
Suggested Offering – $50-80, but everyone is welcome regardless of their ability to offer a donation.  Please don’t let this prevent your attendance.



Writing from our Roots

Sat. April 16, 2016. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Many of us feel the presence of writing within but we can’t seem to find out way to it. Perhaps we long to write about a pivotal experience but it may seem inaccessible to us, or we may sense some writing in the depths but not know what it is or how to bring it to light. This retreat will offer an opportunity to relax down to our deep creative roots and unearth the buried feelings, images, and memories waiting to reach the page. We’ll start with meditative practices to settle into a receptive place, then open to a flow of writing. More directed writing practices will follow, as well as periods of listening to hear what rings true and what needs clarifying. Our circle of women will offer a safe and supportive container for deep and true writing aided by the potent energies of spring in a beautiful environment.

Date: Saturday, April 16, 10 a.m.-5p.m.

Cost: $99 with registration and payment by April 6; $109 after April 6 (includes a vegetarian lunch)

Place: Ramspring Wellness, 443 Upper Ganges Rd., Salt Spring Island


Lorraine Gane is a poet, writer, teacher, and editor. She is the author of Even the Slightest Touch Thunders on MySkin (Black Moss Press, 2002), The Blue Halo (Leaf Press, 2014), and The Way the Light Enters (Black Moss Press, 2014). Lorraine is working on a new collection of poems, as well as completing a book on writing. She mentors writers through workshops, online courses, coaching, and manuscript editing.


Sunday,  May 8, 2016
10a.m.- 6p.m.
cancelled due to low registration

contact Galo directly,  if you are interested in a reading or obtaining a pack of his tarot cards.

poster final



February 27, 7pm
by donation 

For more information, please contact Laurie:

Feb 27, 2016DUPAug 30


EmojiEmojiEmoji   Valentine’s Day Kirtan   EmojiEmojiEmoji

Songs of the Beloved, chocolate and chai in the Yurt Temple,
a mid winter gathering, filled with heart opening intention.
Emoji $5-$15 suggested donation Emoji
Profits will support our new community members from Syria,
a small way for us to lend a helping hand.

Valentine's Kirtan images-1

~~~~~~~~~~~~~  december offerings,                                                                          2015

Screen-Shot-2015-10-23-at-4.35.24-PM  Kari and Gaianna are offering mystical and sensual awakenings in the womb of Ram Spring Yurt Temple.

Follow this link to take your seat at this tantalizing ceremonial experience.

♥November 2015 Offerings at
Ram Spring Wellness Sanctuary

Ram Springs Workshop

Greg Nov 2015


new poster



Amrit Dhara Ayurveda
has golden ghee simmering for 


images-4You can do your cleanse at home or you can come for a personal retreat for all or some of it in our intimate guest house.

Either way, cleansing is the best way to remove the excess heat of summer, re-moisturize internally and externally and reboot the immune system in preparation for winter.

We feel great joy to offer you the most satisfying wellness journey we can dream up, whether you can get away on retreat with us or not.

We offer cleansing instructions, kits and treatments and a guest house to support your wellness, based in the ancient time tested wisdom of ayurveda, enhanced by the natural beauty of Salt Spring Island and the magical embrace of Ram Spring where people have come to rest, heal, enliven and transform for 25 years.

The Amrit Dhara Ayurveda Deep Cleanse is 15 days long and undertaken in the comfort of your own home or in our guest house. The cleanse is supported by step by step instructions all laid out in a clear guide book. Its starts with your customized Cleanse Kit, put together from information gathered in your one hour personal intake consultation. You’ll be on a modified diet (no wheat, dairy, soy, alcohol, sugar, oil and maybe a few  other aggressors),  take seven 25.-khichadicustomized organic herbal formulas that target all the systems of the body, exfoliate with a soft natural bristle brush, take organic oil  internally and externally, eat 5 days of organic khichadi ( a yummy curry soup), use a neti pot and a tongue scraper, and maybe an enema kit and did I say that everything is organic?

~ And whether you use it or not, you have email and phone support throughout the entire cleanse.

You also want to consider treating yourself to a morning or afternoon session in the Spa, to take your cleanse even deeper.
8-.-Pancha-Karma-foot-1“The signature treatment” has its roots in this cleanse, and is designed for deepening the affects of all your hard work. Not to mention, its also fully customized and most luxurious and  treats you like the royalty that you are. Get the details here.

Time slots are limited during the group cleanse, so book early to ensure availability.

We offer a Group Cleanse for those who don’t like to go it alone. This seasons will start just after Thanksgiving, to give everyone a chance to enjoy the full harvest.
Fall group cleanse dates – October 14 through 28

Enjoy free daily emails filled with inspirational quotes from spiritual masters of the world, journaling prompts, cleanse tips and reminders.

If the interest is there, we will gladly start a fb forum for cleansers to inspire each other with recipes, insights, hardships, successes, jokes, whatever speaks to you to share with your mates on the road to wellness.

detoxify, reboot, rebuild
your wellness is
in your hands.

♥ click here for full details, prices and registration information


For more information on offerings, please contact Savita (250) 537-1630 or


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