Fall Offerings



Autumn, a time to give thanks.

Our gardens are giving such bounty in preparation for a long winter season; crisp apples and pears, dark purple prune plums, bright red and orange beets, so much squash and garlic. The winter parsley, kale and chard continue to leaf out as the tiny brussels sprout buds begin to take form. These brightly coloured fruits and veggies are teaming with minerals that will strengthen our bones and tissues and build highly oxygenated blood. This is the life force that feeds our immune systems.

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Ayurveda says autumn is the second most productive time to cleanse, to remove the excess heat of summer and prepare the immune system for the damp cold seasons ahead.  At this time we are best to eat excessive amounts of cucumbers, apples and beets to cool the tissues and recirculate the lymphatic fluids.

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Amrit Dhara Fall Group Cleanse dates

Oct 16-30      free classes Oct 21-25
Nov 7-22        free classes Nov 12-16

As an information session we are offering an Introduction to Ayurveda at 7pm on Sept 23 here in the Yurt.

Please call or email to register for this free offering.

Autumn Refresh



sanga – gathering

Satsang is the invitation to step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not!    sri mooji


Meet Beloved Mooji.


UnknownSimply This

Mooji expounds the true nature of the Self, pointing out the common pitfalls to clear and lasting recognition of the one truth we are. Here, he guides the seeker through and beyond the early hurdles of doubt, resistance, fear and confusion and into the irrefutable clarity of Being.

We are presently in touch with mooji about joining us via skype for a Live Satsang at Ram Spring Wellness.

If you are unfamiliar with his offerings, you can find him here – www.mooji.org.  Listen to live online satsangs on Sunday mornings, broadcast from his ashram in Portugal, Monte Sahaja. Follow the link to LIve Satsangs and recordings.

Please send us an email, if you would like to be directly contacted when details are finalized: ramspringwellness@gmail.com



“Meeting in Being” with Greg Marian
Oct 12            7-9:15pm

Greg offers private as well as group satsang and Awakening Coaching Sessions for those who wish to explore, inquire, and deepen in their unfoldment in a personalized and focused way.  

Greg balances a clarity of the Spiritual Awakening/Embodiment process with a compassionate understanding of the challenging and sometimes painful emotions that can arise when our conditioned patterns begin to arise into our awareness to be embraced and let go of.  

Greg connects with people in a gentle and intuitive way, and welcomes whatever arises with an unconditional acceptance, and as an opportunity to deepen in one’s awakening and their complete healing.

Go to Greg’s website for recordings of past satsangs and retreats:



For more information on satsangs, please contact Savita
(250) 537-1630 or ramspringwellness@gmail.com 

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