About us

Our mission is:

to support personal wellness through the teaching and application of holistic natural practices, with a goal of supporting internal and external balance in all living things. 

– to support those teachings and teachers that encourage the discovery of our true nature as the stillness within.

There are as many roads up the mountain as there are pilgrims to walk them and we can all benefit greatly when we walk hand in hand. When we share our experiences with each other we mentor, support and grow in our pursuits.

At Ram Spring Wellness Sanctuary, we highlight ayurveda and yoga as our main tool kit for navigating life’s mysteries. That said, we warmly embrace all paths and teachings that reflect our mission statement, as one heart beating many different drums.  

Our Director

For 15 years, Savita Leah Young worked in administration and management at the Salt Spring Centre of  Yoga contributing, studying under Baba Hari Dass and transforming in a myriad of ways. In 2008, after graduation from Mt. Madonna College of Ayurveda in California, her home of 15 years became Ram Spring Wellness Sanctuary and Amrit Dhara Ayurveda, where Savita began offering integrated wellness consultations and ayurveda therapies. In 2012, after nurturing a love of hands-on body work, Savita added a Spa Therapist certificate to her education and spa services to the menu of offerings.

As a practitioner and meditator since her early twenties, Savita has found personal healing and creative expression through application of these ancient yoga traditions. Having audience with masters such as Baba Hari Dass, Ammachi, , S.N Goenka, Adyashanti and Lorn and Lucia Hoff, Savita has deepened her awareness through Advaita Vedanta. Her innate gift for singing found its Divine expression through leading sacred chanting, also known as kirtan.

Her true love is sharing heart space and present moment awareness with like hearted Beings. The Yurt Temple was rebuilt in 2013 to support this path of awakening for all with musical events, yoga classes, dance temples, and dialogues and retreats in Abiding as Self and No Self.

She lives her life as a love offering for the generations to come, as an advocate for light, peace, health and love. She is especially fond of her amazing grandchildren who are her gurus, constantly modeling present moment awareness and open curiosity and wonder, the two wings on which Savita soars.



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