Spa Treatments

“Your body is an ocean rich with hidden treasures.
Open it’s inner most chamber and light it’s lamp. “


We offer several modalities besides ayurveda.
The following treatments are offered to enhance your love of self, assist you to unwind and relax into the present moment and to reconnect with your inner essence.

Before or after your session, relax in our fireside lounge with a cup of Amrit Dhara Dosha Balancing or Immune Boosting Tea and sit a while in the gardens. 


Deep Relaxation Massage
A full body massage with one focus area, using gently warm organic oils. Longer treatments include reflexology or additional focus areas.

Customized your treatment with the use of pure essential oils in a diffuser and in your massage oil. Aromatherapy reaches into every cell of the body gently reminding it of its purpose and function.

     1 hr       $75
     1.5 hr   $108

     Aromatherapy add on – $10


Ancient societies have given us a road map on the feet that coincides with the entire body. Pressure points on the feet are systematically stimulated to clear blockages and support the healthy operations of the body, internal and external.

This treatment begins with an epson salt  foot bath using our slightly alkaline artesian well water and customized aromatherapy oils to encourage opening, balancing and stabilizing.

1 hour      $60


 Note – Amrit Dhara is unable to provide services direct billed to public or private health plans.

Booking –  Although last minute bookings are sometimes available, it is best to book a minimum of 48 hours in advance for all treatments and therapies. 

Payment – may be made by email transfer or Pay Pal, cash or cheque, credit card. 

Cancellation –  48 hour notice is required to cancel or rebook appointments
and avoid a cancellation/change fee of $25 per treatment.

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