Ayurveda advocates seasonal cleansing to enhance homeostasis, our innate ability to cope with the physical, mental and emotional stresses of life.

Undergoing a seasonal cleanse with a focus on detoxification, rejuvenation and graceful aging is an integral piece for any preventative health program.  Deep Cleansing offers the best results when undertaken at the junction of the seasons, when nature models a time for change. Spring and fall are ideal but not always possible to fit in to our hectic schedules.

Benefits of a seasonal cleanse:

– eliminate toxins, (we all have them) to optimize high function of all systems
– balance blood sugar levels,  to skip the midday crash and decrease cravings for foods that do not serve
– improve digestion, for relief from bloating and food hangovers, indigestion, heartburn, colitis, IBS
– strengthen immune function, our first defence against pathogens in the environment
– cleanse and tone the gall bladder, spleen, pancreas, liver and kidneys
– improve sleep quality, ensuring adequate downtime to heal and cleanse
– clear the heart and mind of old behavioral patterns that no longer serve
– balance hormones to counteract symptoms of pms and per-menopause
– alleviate seasonal allergies
– loose extra weight, either accumulated over time or postpartum
– learn to care for yourself by establishing healthy lifestyle patterns
– be the kid on the block that everyone asks, what did you do to look so vibrant
– age gracefully with a clear mind and a happy heart

Amrit Dhara Ayurveda
Deep Cleanse and Detox

A 15 Day fully supported home program: the most beneficial stay-cation on the market.

Do it when it works for you! Here’s what it looks like:

Undertake a THREE PHASE DIET as follows. Each phase lasts for 5 days:

Phase 1 (day 1-5) Eliminate wheat, dairy, sugar and allergens, tapering off to no oil by Day 5.

Phase 2  (day 6-10) Enjoy a khichadi mono-diet – split mung dal, organic basmati rice, organic spices with simple easy to digest vegetables.
Can’t eat grains or beans? We can customize a simplified diet that will work for you

Phase 3  (day 11-15) Ease back into regular meals with a follow-up diet similar to the lead in

Make time for these DAILY PRACTICES:
– organic herbal formulas targeting immunity, digestion and elimination
– H2o rehydration program
– internal oleation for five days (organic ghee or flax oil)
– exfoliation and external oleation (organic sesame or coconut oil)
– a one time light laxative therapy (castor oil or prune juice)

– a cleansing daily pranayama and asana program
– a guided journalling process
– a final cleansing and nutritive enema therapy
– traditional ayurvedic therapies – abhyanga (external oleation with dosha balancing oils), swedana (sweating with steam and dosha balancing herbs), udtana (exfoliation with chick pea flour and dosha balancing herbs), shirodhara (continuous flow of warm oil over the forehead in support of the nervous system)

The CLEANSE KIT includes:
– organic cleansing herbs and tea
– khichadi for five days (organic basmati rice, split mung dal, organic spices)
– exfoliation brush and organic cold pressed balancing oleation oil
– castor oil and organic ghee or flax oil
– 32 page Guide Book with complete instructions and recipes
– Daily Flow Chart
– Seasonal Groceries List

and is supported by:
– one hour intake consultation either in person or phone, to determine your suitability for the program,  and if its a go, which herbal formulas, digestive aids, balancing oils and exfoliation tools are best for you.
– enema kit with full instructions, organic sesame oil, raw honey, herbs, and disposable enema bag (enema series is recommended providing there are no contraindications, and is optional)
– ongoing phone or email support as required throughout the cleanse

Pick the time that is ideal for you, preferably when life gives you a break,
when you have no new projects looming at work, when you can take plenty of time for you, when you can slow down and make a commitment to prioritizing your self care for at least Day 6-10, the deepest part of the program.
This is an investment in your future, similar to a retirement savings plan.
nly this one starts paying off right away.
Enema Kit: $20

AYURVEDIC CLEANSING TREATMENTS: the luxurious spa part, designed to take it deeper. So good, you won’t believe its therapy.

Consider one or more sessions of our signature detox treatment – abhyanga (warm oleation), swedana (sweating) , udtana (exfoliation) and shirodhara (flow of oil over the forehead), a three hour therapy that leaves you oiled, squeezed, buffed and polished. See the Therapies page for more information. BEST TAKEN DURING the middle/kichadi PHASE.

This is the ultimate in self care.
Take your cleanse to the deepest level.

GROUP Spring CLEANSE: April 19 – May 4, 2022.

Benefit from pre-cleanse and post cleanse daily emails, including quotes and inspirations from spiritual masters from around the globe, inspirations and daily journal practices, to your inbox, first thing each morning of your cleanse.

* Repeat cleansers receive an automatic 10% discount on full kits. Individual items are also available as you already have some tools.

* Cleanse with a friend and receive a 15% discount on each complete kit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an individually customized program, beginning with a one hour conversation, to ensure your physical, emotional and mental readiness for this program. Upon acceptance,  we will proceed with the customization of your kit. Please ensure you have left enough time for this process to unfold prior to embarking on your cleanse. A two to three week window is adequate, so as to receive your kit at least one week prior to embarking on this potentially life changing journey.

For more information or to begin your registration process.

Savita Leah Young
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Thanks for everything.  I have been able to give up my daily coke (sugar & caffeine) as well as not feeling food cravings for salt anymore. I am trying a bit more savory foods and less salty. I was never one much for sweets – although I do love my DARK chocolate. I lost 12 pounds during the process and have kept off 10 of those. I have not returned to my daily habits and I enjoy more apples whenever I get an urge to consume something. I have noticed more clarity of thought and feel more at ease with my life decisions even if they do not align with what others think are what I should do.

I will be recommending this process to some of my Dining Divas group. We may not go deep into the path of enlightenment but we all seek inner peace and enjoyment of life. Food is a huge part of what life is about and as a dinner group we talk about food all the time.”    God Bless – Peace be with you always.
Monica Perkins, Spring 2012, 


The Amrit Dhara Ayurvedic Deep Cleanse was a gentle but effective process that my body/mind accepted and responded to very positively. The 15-day program left me feeling nourished and with increased vitality. My digestion is greatly improved and I find increased space and flexibility in my joints. I highly recommend going deeper with ayurvedic treatments offered on days 6 through 10 – they were fabulous! Savita’s knowledge and skill in the area of ayurvedic principles and practice is only surpassed by her great kindness and compassion. I felt wonderfully supported throughout the entire cleanse and beyond.”
Paramita Meredith Knox, Fall 2012


“The cleanse is a meticulous program to help clear out not only physical level toxins, but subtle level of emotional and mental levels of toxins that prevented me from living my life more fully. I appreciate the profound changes in how I am living my life, how I feel inside my body, and in the clarity of my focus and direction.  Savita is a wise, dedicated and knowledgeable mentor and guide on this path.”
Don McGinnis, Spring 2014

“My last day on the Amrit Dhara Ayurveda deep cleanse, and I feel AMAZING! Clear, strong and balanced. Thank you Savita Young of Ram Spring Wellness Sanctuary for your ongoing guidance, countless explanations, and positive encouragement. Your knowledgable mind, nurturing heart, and skilled hands are incredible assets to anyone seeking assistance with their health and well being. This cleanse is truly my best tool for health, and I have learned so much that I can apply to my daily life. I’m now ready to balance it out with a little long weekend indulgence!  — at Ram Spring Wellness Amrit Dhara Ayurveda.
Ayla Argo, Spring 2014