Maha Shiva Ratri:

the great festival
of the convergence of

Shiva and Shakti

Feb 17, 2015


Life seemingly appears as a multitude of opposites: knowledge and intuition, inspiration and form, creation and destruction, pleasure and pain. Shiva and Shakti appear as the embodiment of Divine Self, symbolizing the perfect male and female aspects of the Divine. This celebration unifies them, as the ultimate expression of Divine balance.

By diving into the mythology and yogic concepts of this highly revered pair, we begin to see how their individual qualities stand completely autonomous and yet conjoined. Being Truth expressed both as Shiva/inspiration and Shakti/form, they cannot be separated, for they serve as the definition of each other, as Divine contrast.

Likewise, the pairs of opposites we meet every day, serve the same purpose, for only through knowing the unlimited depth of contrast between them, can we open the door to the infinite possibilities as them, as coCreator ourself.

Shivaratri, for me, represents a surrender to the One Heart One Mind within, by embracing the delineation between them, by honouring their differences in the Light of the Whole, by knowing them as the apparent opposites within my self. One Heart is the Heart as Love and one Mind is the mind as Truth and I am both and there is only one of me.

Navaratri, nine days of Mother Divine

Navaratri   Day 1-3   I bow to Kali Durga


Day 1 – Relinquish
Sept 27.
6:30-8:30am with the rising sun

New beginnings. A fresh breath is in the air. Kali Durga puja occurred at Ram Spring Wellness today, for the very first time. The fire of transformation is stoked, burning up that which does not serve. This candle will burn at Ram Spring for the next nine nights culminating on the tenth night, Oct 3,  with a Maha Kirtan to Mother Divine at 7:30.

Kali Durga energy is devoted to clearing up the misconceptions, limiting beliefs and anything else that stands in the way of seeing life as it really is. Whatever it is we want to clear out, we must first show up.  So much gratitude for the lovely Beings who came out in the dark just prior to sunrise this morning .

I welcome everyone to continue a daily offering from today until Friday, as a surrendering of that which gets in the way of you LIVING your highest SELF on this new earth. Perhaps abstinence from a certain pleasurable food or activity, (traditionally meat, grains, nuts, seeds, sugar, dairy), setting extra time for a meditation or intentional walk (traditionally with Kali Durga as your contemplative inner companions) or just being in stillness, focusing on relinquishing that which no longer serves.

This morning we made offerings to the five elements and the five senses with an intention of purification of perceptions, concepts and beliefs we unnecessarily hold around all form as experienced through the senses, the doors of perception.

What sweet, sweet melodies were offered to Kali Durga Ma. Pranam to everyone for open curiosity, commitment to truth through a sincere love and respect for all of life, for showing up in your fullness. This is the power of kali durga manifest.



Please join us for CULTIVATION, a Lakshmi puja and ritual cleansing on Saturday, Sept 27, 6:30-8:30am. rsvp to 250-537-6200

The Circus of Life, Act 1

 Musings from the Teeter Totter.

There is no doubt that we live on a polarity planet, with duality as its matrix, where the sweet nectar and bliss of pleasure is as much a trap as the deep felt suffering of pain. The Great Buddha named this craving and aversion.

This leaves us with a question. Do we want to be constantly inundated with this teeter tottering of pleasure and pain, victory and defeat, gain and loss showing itself over and over again? Most would say no.

Only a true warrior would say yes, for this person understands that through intimately experiencing both ends of this spectrum, she can build a bridge between them and that bridge will set her free.

She knows that through focusing on the movement between these two polarities and not fixating on either side, true knowledge dawns and dispassion is attained.

She is a high wire acrobat, vigilant in every moment to the myriad of micro adjustments necessary to stay balanced on the wire, for once she starts the walk, if she is still for too long, she will fall. She must keep moving to maintain her balance.

She is unwavering and at the same time flexible in her strength, like a tall bamboo that gracefully bends in the wind without breaking.

She maintains a fine tuned awareness to sense the subtlest of energetic changes in her environment and continually adjust as the moment predicts.

She is acutely aware of the outcomes of her choices. She does not dwell on her mistakes and does not blame, make fault or criticize herself should any given choice cause her to wobble, for she knows her mind must stay free and open to quickly choose again.

She uses courage to squelch her fear of falling. And should she fall, she accepts this without defeat and trusts that she will be caught and set back on her feet to walk yet again.

She has faith in the strength and purpose of her high wire, and deeply invests in an intimate understanding of how she herself informs its anchors on each end.

With this awareness, she walks her wire with confidence and truth and stands softly balancing in the middle.

And finally, she has trust in the integrity of her own inner self as her highest, dearest and most meaningful guide, for she can know no other like she knows herself.

In this, by this, with this, she balances with poise and wisdom through wind and rain, cold and heat, drought and flood.

In the middle of her high wire, she is free.

And as her own audience, she applauds with love.

inspirations by Savita Leah Young
Dec. 2, 2013.

Home Again…

 Home Again…


Stillness to Fullness
to Stillness

I witness the spring season as a true miracle in progress, the  unfolding from stillness to flower to fruit to seed, one of renewal  quickly changing to growth and enrichment. Here at Ram Spring,  the blossoms fall from the fruit trees and tiny fruit buds swell as the potential of fruits to come.

I  am perpetually amazed by this unfolding, for it mirrors my own  process of rebirth that just as clearly appears within as without.  I recognize the origin as the sensation of stillness, a sincere feeling that inspires a looking within to review that which has served and that which has not.  From that, renewal arises as pregnant potential, the creative prospect that becomes a looking outward. This outward gaze gives rise to new fruit, should it be strong and clear enough to germinate and burst forth from this deep contemplation. Each new experience becomes food for the next advancement of life’s  cycling.

On and on it goes, the mobius strip of natural life as stillness, birth, growth and finally decay, to grow and feed that which will be born anew.  Clearly this body mind and it’s identity are a creation of nature, manifesting through the same innate behaviour of all that exists as the natural world. 


And just as clearly, there is something else, another sense of Being that constantly sees this seasonal change, that witnesses this inner and outer reflection. This Being is not governed by the changing laws of nature. It is Stillness Itself, seeing it’s natural self as a mere reflection of the greater whole.

Clearly this Being does not change, does not reflect and does not become, for it already IS. I recognize it as childlike curiosity and endless simplicity. It is that which has been looking out the whole time, as the I which is more familiar than the change of the seasons, closer than the inside and outside, as intimate as I can be.  I am the discovery of this, our True Nature.

May we rest as this I, knowing I as Being itself and the reflection of this True Self as nature, unfolding as the beauty of spring evolving into summer. May the fruits of our curiosity nourish us with this realization.

“Real human nature is truth and love.
Mind and heart are the means of its expression. ”
– Fire without Fuel, Baba Hari Dass