Home Again…

 Home Again…


Stillness to Fullness
to Stillness

I witness the spring season as a true miracle in progress, the  unfolding from stillness to flower to fruit to seed, one of renewal  quickly changing to growth and enrichment. Here at Ram Spring,  the blossoms fall from the fruit trees and tiny fruit buds swell as the potential of fruits to come.

I  am perpetually amazed by this unfolding, for it mirrors my own  process of rebirth that just as clearly appears within as without.  I recognize the origin as the sensation of stillness, a sincere feeling that inspires a looking within to review that which has served and that which has not.  From that, renewal arises as pregnant potential, the creative prospect that becomes a looking outward. This outward gaze gives rise to new fruit, should it be strong and clear enough to germinate and burst forth from this deep contemplation. Each new experience becomes food for the next advancement of life’s  cycling.

On and on it goes, the mobius strip of natural life as stillness, birth, growth and finally decay, to grow and feed that which will be born anew.  Clearly this body mind and it’s identity are a creation of nature, manifesting through the same innate behaviour of all that exists as the natural world. 


And just as clearly, there is something else, another sense of Being that constantly sees this seasonal change, that witnesses this inner and outer reflection. This Being is not governed by the changing laws of nature. It is Stillness Itself, seeing it’s natural self as a mere reflection of the greater whole.

Clearly this Being does not change, does not reflect and does not become, for it already IS. I recognize it as childlike curiosity and endless simplicity. It is that which has been looking out the whole time, as the I which is more familiar than the change of the seasons, closer than the inside and outside, as intimate as I can be.  I am the discovery of this, our True Nature.

May we rest as this I, knowing I as Being itself and the reflection of this True Self as nature, unfolding as the beauty of spring evolving into summer. May the fruits of our curiosity nourish us with this realization.

“Real human nature is truth and love.
Mind and heart are the means of its expression. ”
– Fire without Fuel, Baba Hari Dass


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