Navaratri, nine days of Mother Divine

Navaratri   Day 1-3   I bow to Kali Durga


Day 1 – Relinquish
Sept 27.
6:30-8:30am with the rising sun

New beginnings. A fresh breath is in the air. Kali Durga puja occurred at Ram Spring Wellness today, for the very first time. The fire of transformation is stoked, burning up that which does not serve. This candle will burn at Ram Spring for the next nine nights culminating on the tenth night, Oct 3,  with a Maha Kirtan to Mother Divine at 7:30.

Kali Durga energy is devoted to clearing up the misconceptions, limiting beliefs and anything else that stands in the way of seeing life as it really is. Whatever it is we want to clear out, we must first show up.  So much gratitude for the lovely Beings who came out in the dark just prior to sunrise this morning .

I welcome everyone to continue a daily offering from today until Friday, as a surrendering of that which gets in the way of you LIVING your highest SELF on this new earth. Perhaps abstinence from a certain pleasurable food or activity, (traditionally meat, grains, nuts, seeds, sugar, dairy), setting extra time for a meditation or intentional walk (traditionally with Kali Durga as your contemplative inner companions) or just being in stillness, focusing on relinquishing that which no longer serves.

This morning we made offerings to the five elements and the five senses with an intention of purification of perceptions, concepts and beliefs we unnecessarily hold around all form as experienced through the senses, the doors of perception.

What sweet, sweet melodies were offered to Kali Durga Ma. Pranam to everyone for open curiosity, commitment to truth through a sincere love and respect for all of life, for showing up in your fullness. This is the power of kali durga manifest.



Please join us for CULTIVATION, a Lakshmi puja and ritual cleansing on Saturday, Sept 27, 6:30-8:30am. rsvp to 250-537-6200

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