The Circus of Life, Act 1

 Musings from the Teeter Totter.

There is no doubt that we live on a polarity planet, with duality as its matrix, where the sweet nectar and bliss of pleasure is as much a trap as the deep felt suffering of pain. The Great Buddha named this craving and aversion.

This leaves us with a question. Do we want to be constantly inundated with this teeter tottering of pleasure and pain, victory and defeat, gain and loss showing itself over and over again? Most would say no.

Only a true warrior would say yes, for this person understands that through intimately experiencing both ends of this spectrum, she can build a bridge between them and that bridge will set her free.

She knows that through focusing on the movement between these two polarities and not fixating on either side, true knowledge dawns and dispassion is attained.

She is a high wire acrobat, vigilant in every moment to the myriad of micro adjustments necessary to stay balanced on the wire, for once she starts the walk, if she is still for too long, she will fall. She must keep moving to maintain her balance.

She is unwavering and at the same time flexible in her strength, like a tall bamboo that gracefully bends in the wind without breaking.

She maintains a fine tuned awareness to sense the subtlest of energetic changes in her environment and continually adjust as the moment predicts.

She is acutely aware of the outcomes of her choices. She does not dwell on her mistakes and does not blame, make fault or criticize herself should any given choice cause her to wobble, for she knows her mind must stay free and open to quickly choose again.

She uses courage to squelch her fear of falling. And should she fall, she accepts this without defeat and trusts that she will be caught and set back on her feet to walk yet again.

She has faith in the strength and purpose of her high wire, and deeply invests in an intimate understanding of how she herself informs its anchors on each end.

With this awareness, she walks her wire with confidence and truth and stands softly balancing in the middle.

And finally, she has trust in the integrity of her own inner self as her highest, dearest and most meaningful guide, for she can know no other like she knows herself.

In this, by this, with this, she balances with poise and wisdom through wind and rain, cold and heat, drought and flood.

In the middle of her high wire, she is free.

And as her own audience, she applauds with love.

inspirations by Savita Leah Young
Dec. 2, 2013.

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