Winter 2014, Time as Change

Winter 2014.

I find it quite remarkable that I can clearly see the changes in our weather patterns in just fifty years. Nature does her best with adaptation and at this point, seems to be struggling to keep up.  We must head the signs that if we change to quickly the outcomes may well be more detrimental than advantageous. Fifty years is a very short period for so much change. It equates to  the plant and animal kingdoms inability to keep up, resulting in extinction or down grades  of species that can’t quickly adapt.

This stands true in our personal lives as well.  Ayurveda says its better to make one dynamic change and take the time to fully observe the related outcomes.  Only if its a green light, do we then allow it to settle in as the new normal. Once it settles in and becomes routine, only then can we whole heartedly observe the next change and its affects, separate from any other.

In this way, our body/mind environment  is intelligently coerced into letting go of the old and settling in with the new and does so with a lesser amount of resistance or acting out than if we turn our lives upside down in an attempt to embrace too much newness all at once.

In the long run, conscious integration serves us much better than radical change.  Listening then becomes more important than doing and integration comes from truth and honest reflection rather than willful determination. This is the new paradigm as I see it.

This month hosts one of my favorite celebration, Valentines Day.  May we all experience the eternal flow of Divine Love, having no expectation of what it looks like, other than recognizing it as the purity of Love itself.  Our Divine Love of Self is paramount in preparing our little selves for true Love with others. Let us embody this manifestation as the “three hundred and sixty degree Love” that is our true nature.

And from this,  all life will unfold as that Love itself.

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